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  • Northrop Grumman supports new talent in cyber security

    Rt Hon Ed Vaizey, the Minister for Culture and the Digital Economy and Rover Hannigan, the director of Government Communication Headquarters made the announcement during formal ceremony at the Westminster Bridge Park Plaza Hotel that Northrop Grumman Corporation will be partnering in the CyberInvest initiative in the United Kingdom to make sure that the U.K. stays current in worldwide threats and technology. Continue reading

  • KVH Receives TACNAV and Field Service Support Contracts

    This was the 18th year in which KVH has reached NMEA distinction for the TracVision Satellite television antenna systems and the 13th year that the TracPhone Satellite communications systems have been put on high. NMEA is made up of over 500 groups of companies that all use and install KVH Industries systems in their vessels and crafts.

    The contracts that KVH was awarded were valued at $2.7 million dollars that will be used to provide navigation systems and field service support for the worlds military customers. $1.3 million is for the contract to provide field support in the Middle East and $1.4 million is for two years of field support of the navigational systems that the military is using. Continue reading

  • New Software Enables Remote Retrieval of Voyage Data Recorders

    The tool, Voyage Data Recorder OnDemand, allows offices on shore to log onto the VDR through an IP link that connects to the Danelec VDR Connect system on the vessel. This is an astonishing and highly futuristic tool for Voyage Data Recorder testing and giving on shore operations access to that data for testing and pulling data samples for diagnostics of the ships systems while the ship is out at sea is a great move into the future for Danelec Marine VDR systems. Continue reading

  • McMurdo Chosen by the European Commission to Develop Search and Rescue Beacons

    The European Commission (EC) has chosen McMurdo, a renowned company in the emergency planning and response industry to spearhead the development of next-generation search and rescue distress beacons for the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program’s HELIOS Project. McMurdo has been a trailblazer in satellite-aided search and rescue technology and implementations and wants to promote the regulation and standardization of these technologies worldwide in an effort to save more lives in search and rescue operations. Continue reading

  • About GPS systems for sailors, boaters, and cruisers

    Satellite positioning systems have been available for many years and are widely used by the general public, mariners, and military. With constant advances in technology boosting the capabilities and heightening the limits of these navigational systems, it comes to no surprise that in the year 2020 the world will see many new systems and satellites orbiting the earth playing a crucial role in positioning technology.
  • Do you need an EPIRB on your Sailing Vessel?

    Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” This is an adage that any experienced sailor will hold close to his heart. Preparation is the key to any successful adventure, be it on sea, air, or land. However, sometimes, the best of plans can fail, especially when you are pitting yourself against the forces of Mother Nature.
  • How to buy a chart that fits your plotter

    When you buy a sea chart for your plotter onboard, whether you are looking for a c-map chart or a Navionics chart, you need to be sure the chart will work with your plotter, because it might not. Depending of the manufacturer and the age of your plotter, you are able to select only certain types of sea charts. If you know which ones will fit, and you are sure, you are good to go. If not, it might be tricky and it will most definitely be an expensive experience if you are Wrong.
  • Navionics news for the coming season of 2014

    In November of this year, we visited the marine exhibition METS in Amsterdam, where most of the marine equipment manufacturers exhibit the newest and latest products. We met our main supplier of digital charts, the Italian company Navionics, and discussed new products that will be available for the upcoming sailing season. The most newsworthy report is...
  • Researchers hack AIS and prove several security holes

    Researchers at cyber security company Trend Micro have published a research paper on marine equipment, namely AIS.

    The company has explored several ways the equipment can be manipulated posing several possible threats for ships at sea. Continue reading

  • Low-Cost Hand-Held And Fixed Voice Services From Inmarsat And ACeS

    London UK (SPX) Sep 06, 2006: Inmarsat and Asia's ACeS International revealed a groundbreaking plan to provide better low-cost hand-held and fixed voice services within the Asian market and beyond, according to a joint announcement. The two firms revealed that they hope to collaborate, combining their respective satellite resources to extend coverage throughout the region, ushering in a new era of access to hand-held communication services. Continue reading

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