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New Standards for bulk carrier and oil tanker construction approved by the IMO

New ship construction rules for bulk carriers and oil tankers was submitted and accepted by the IMO’s MSC or Maritime Safety Committee as signed by the goals and functional requirements that were set by the organization for new bulk carriers and oil tankers.

These goal based standards will show that all ships have a specific designed and constructed life and if they are properly maintained, they need to be environmentally friendly and safe for their lifespans.

The IMO nominated a team of experts by the 12 Recognized Organizations or ROs that are members of the IACS or International Association of Classification Societies that have been reviewed by MSC.

The IMO stated that the verification process was a big step for IMO since there hadn’t been any oversight by the IMO for structural rules.

Completing the process of developed goal based standards for bulk carriers and oil tankers, followed by verified audit process means that there is a closer alignment between the IMO regulatory process and the classifications society’s rules.

The environmentally friendly and safe conditions are achieved when ships are built with integrity, stability, and strength that reduces the risk of loss of the ship or pollution to the marine environment due to structural failure such as collapse that results in flooding. This also includes adopting construction materials that are acceptable for being environmentally friendly recycling.

The safety applies to the structure, arrangements and fittings that provide safe access, inspections, escape, proper maintenance as well as other aspects for safe operations. The environmental and operating conditions are characterized by the operating area through the ships life and cover conditions such as intermediate conditions.

The specific designed life has been defined by the period of the operational ship in various environmental, operating conditions as well as corrosive environments and will be used to select the right design parameters.

The ships actual service life may be shorter or longer depending on the operating conditions and maintenance of the ship through its life.

The functional requirement on the designed life is specified should not be less than 25 years.

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