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New Software Enables Remote Retrieval of Voyage Data Recorders

The tool, Voyage Data Recorder OnDemand, allows offices on shore to log onto the VDR through an IP link that connects to the Danelec VDR Connect system on the vessel. This is an astonishing and highly futuristic tool for Voyage Data Recorder testing and giving on shore operations access to that data for testing and pulling data samples for diagnostics of the ships systems while the ship is out at sea is a great move into the future for Danelec Marine VDR systems. Voyage Data Recorders are required for vessels. The main purpose is to record the ships data for the passing 24 hours for ship owners and investigators in the event of an accident or emergency at sea. The units are normally in a protective storage unit that is able to become a free floating unit.

The primary purpose of VDR is emergencies, but they are also used for preventative maintenance, diagnostic testing of operation, weather damage valuation, avoiding accidents, and for training to improve safety and reduce running costs. VDR contain data that can include Positional GPS, Speed of the Ship, Heading, Depth, Engine feedback, Thruster Data, Alarms, Hull Openings, and Audio recordings from the bridge.

In the event of a ship sinking, the VDR has the main responsibility of recording everything that was going on the vessel prior to sinking and what exactly happened, along with recording what was going on in the bridge at the time of the emergency. This could be crucial in the investigation of a sinking or emergency.

In the case of an emergency, the person in charge of the vessel can simply send recorded VDR data for that time ashore, saving valuable response time to the emergency and giving responders a good idea of what is going on immediately. Danelec Marine says that this new selective data retrieval tool is the first of many additions to the push through systems for voyage data retrieval tools.

The added benefit of these systems is the speeding up of port times. Diagnostics that normally have to be completed at shore, can be completed at sea, reducing the time that a ship needs to be at port. The next tools that Danelec Marine is coming out with are some solutions for downloading recorder data automatically from the Voyage Data Recorders, the ships sensors, and pre-defined systems at pre-selected time periods.

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