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Navionics news for the coming season of 2014

In November of this year, we visited the marine exhibition METS in Amsterdam, where most of the marine equipment manufacturers exhibit the newest and latest products. We met our main supplier of digital charts, the Italian company Navionics, and discussed new products that will be available for the upcoming sailing season. The most newsworthy report is the introduction of new type of Navionics charts: Navionics+. One of the most important features is the bathymetric layout, which provides a greater degree of accuracy in the charts. The bathymetric charts are generated on 2 different ways: Dynamic bathymetry is obtained from depth recordings received from the users of Navionics charts. According to the manufacturer, there are more than 1000 new depth recordings being received every day on the download server. The depth recordings, which are being uploaded by the users on the Navionics Chartinstaller website, contain two pieces of information: a depth reading and GPS position related to the corresponding depth. These logs make Navionics+ more accurate because the depths measured by users describe the bottom conditions better than the measurements obtained by the naval authorities. However, there is one issue which limits the usage of the Navionics+ charts: due to legislation in Scandinavia, the use of hi-def bathy for the sea coast based on recorder sonar logs received from other users is prohibited. Thus, in Scandinavia, the dynamic bathymetric charts are generated only for inshore waters. Because of that limitation and in order to provide high accuracy bathymetric charts for scandinavian coastal waters, Navionics has developed static bathymetric charts. These charts are developed by interpolating the depths curves, giving it better accuracy. In addition, Navionics charts come with free updates for an entire year. The updates are free unless they are performed by a local dealer, in which case there will be a small surcharge for handling. Another important feature of Navionics charts is the ability to update old versions of charts locally. This allows the charts to be updated without having to send them to the manufacturer in Italy, which is a slow and expensive process. Small and Gold charts can also be updated to bathymetric Navionics+ charts. In the coming season, new coverage areas will be introduced, including inshore Scandinavian waters. Please look under the respective charts for more information about the coverage. Finally, we have developed a new software module for our PC navigation software which allows the use of Navionics charts on microSD/SD/CF cartridges on PC computers. Any PC equipped with a card reader will be able to use the charts. This is beneficial in route planning or when you are at home away from the plotter. You can find information about our Navionics PC Modules on our website under PC navigationsoftware. is authorized dealer of Navionics charts and we stock of all types of Navionics charts for immediate delivery. Our new charts are fully updated and we update all types of Navionics charts. We have offices in Denmark, Germany, Poland and Sweden .

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