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KVH Receives TACNAV and Field Service Support Contracts

This was the 18th year in which KVH has reached NMEA distinction for the TracVision Satellite television antenna systems and the 13th year that the TracPhone Satellite communications systems have been put on high. NMEA is made up of over 500 groups of companies that all use and install KVH Industries systems in their vessels and crafts.

The contracts that KVH was awarded were valued at $2.7 million dollars that will be used to provide navigation systems and field service support for the worlds military customers. $1.3 million is for the contract to provide field support in the Middle East and $1.4 million is for two years of field support of the navigational systems that the military is using.

KVH’s TacNav systems are unbeatable in being able to locate heading and pointing data for land vehicles. Ut is more compact that previous designs and can be used as a standalone navigational system or as part of a multi-functional system. TacNav integrates seamlessly in with Battlefield Management Systems (BMS).

“We are thrilled to receive this recognition from NMEA knowing that it represents the opinion of skilled professionals who have firsthand experience with the installation and performance of our products, as well as those of our competitors,” -Martin Kits van Heyningen, KVH Industries, CEO. “It is also exciting to see that our TracVision TV-series app is considered by technicians as the best in its class for this new category.”

The satellite antenna category was won by the TracPhone V3-IP, which operates by using a worldwide Broadband network. It is very compact and meets the demands today for broadband connections on vessels and ships. The TracPhone is leading the way in enabling crafts to be able to have internet access in remote destinations and locations. It even be utilized and installed in smaller vessels.

KVH Industries provides innovated in-motion satellite TV systems and communication systems. They have sold more than 172,000 satellite antennas that go on vessels, airplanes, and automobiles. KVH is also a pioneering entertainment content provider. The TracVision marine satellite give TV systems to people that are less than 100 miles offshore. The people on their vessels can enjoy watching television in the evenings just as they do at home. It is compact and easy for boaters to install and use. There was never any doubt that the KVH TracVision TV3 satellite television antenna would be a winning product as well.

KVH provides communication systems that benefit the militaries of the world and even sail boaters just offshore that don’t want to miss their shows. KVH Industries continues to improve on their products and move forward with innovation and a desire to provide the best navigational systems, Broadband, and satellite systems available on the market.

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