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How to buy a chart that fits your plotter


When you buy a sea chart for your plotter onboard, whether you are looking for a c-map chart or a Navionics chart, you need to be sure the chart will work with your plotter, because it might not. Depending of the manufacturer and the age of your plotter, you are able to select only certain types of sea charts. If you know which ones will fit, and you are sure, you are good to go. If not, it might be tricky and it will most definitely be an expensive experience if you are Wrong. A possible scenario is when you have an older plotter, and you wish a new sea chart for it. Chart manufacturers like C-map and Navionics Update their charts all the time along with the cartridges and the formats to bring sailors and cruisers a smoother and easier ride, but it results in that combining a new chart with an older plotter is not always possible. The fact might often be that in case you have an older plotter, and by "older" I definitely mean a plotter that works but has seen the good old days, you also have a chart for it that you acquired years back when you also became the happy owner of the plotter. It might not be possible to update that chart either with the newest data, but that depends of how old your chart is. As before-mentioned, digital seachart manufacturers strive on updating and improving their product all the time. We sell digital sea charts with the latest update only. Whenever we sell a sea chart it will be with the latest version from the manufacturer, and whenever you want a chart updated, it will be updated to the newest version. Therefore it is a good thing to check your plotters capabilities of newer charts. The best thing is to contact the manufacturer of your plotter to ask if it can read newer charts.

How can you be sure that a new chart will fit your plotter?

When you shop for charts online, you might be unlucky buying the wrong chart, but you need to be really unlucky, and only in case you dont tell us which plotter your chart should fit. It is very easy for you to buy a chart that will work perfectly well with your current hardware. Here on we have a service that provides you with absolute certainty that your new chart will be a success. When you have found the chart that you need, go ahead and purchase it and leave us your plotter name in the comment section along with your order. We will then check for you that you will be functional and ready to go ashore when the chart is in your hand. We will not send the chart or withdraw any money from your transfer before we know that it is the right chart you are purchasing. In case there might be any trouble with the chart we will let you know and advise you of an alternative solution. Therefore, it need not cause you any headache to purchase your new chart. All you need to do is leave us the name of your plotter when checking out, and you will be sure to be satisfied with the chart.

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