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Ballast system

The following functionality was integrated in ballast system:

Tanks sounding system
Valves and valves island control
Pumps control

Functionality of tanks sounding system consist in measuring the amount of medium located inside vessel tanks regardless of the nature and characteristics of this medium. The measurement is carried out by dedicated transducers mounted at the bottom of the tank. Medium amount indication can be presented either in the form of a bargraph of liquid as well as volume and mass. There is also the possibility of sounding tanks covered by EX zone.

In addition to all the advantages of sounding system, ballast system has also the ability to expand it by manual control mode which can be controlled by pushbuttons from the substation panel or maneuvering console.

Ballast system provides the ability to work in automatic mode as antiheeling system when it is equipped with the proper set of transducers to measure the incline and trim of the vessel. provides the opportunity to develop a system both for newly built vessels as well as a retro-fits of old systems . We also provide service and maintenance of existing systems.