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Our supply happens digitally, and we are always online. Really always.

INDUSTRY-LEADING EXPERTISE is an established name with years of experience. We know what we are doing.


We are global! Whereever your vessel is, the spare parts will go there as well.

When others say obsolete, we say on stock

Access the worlds largest stock of obsolete and reconditioned navigation and communication spare parts from manufacturers such as Thrane-Thrane/SAILOR, FURUNO, JRC, Sperry Marine and many more.

If you are considering using reconditioned spare parts, whenever a specific spare part is broken, you are nok alone.

Shipowners of any size will draw on the many benefits from our stock: First off, you will avoid replacing an entire system, if only one spare part is broken. This happens too often, if the broken part is obsolete from the manufacturer. Second, installing a new system will be very costly both in engineer hours and from the risk of the vessel being delayed.

In fact, there is a much smaller risk of our spare parts causing delay, than if you are upgrading the full system, since our parts are supplied as simple plug and play units.

Naturally all parts are 100% original, and all are tested before dispatch. Our stocks are located near major airports, and it is not impossible to get vital Inmarsat-C spares to the vessel the next day

We carry both obsolete and parts, still available on the market as reconditioned parts. Do get in touch with us to know more about the benefits of using our spares. There are many!

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