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NETWAVE VDR Interface Module WIM NW 4400

We are the biggest supplier of reconditioned spares for Netwave & Rutter VDR.
Our reconditioned spares are tested before the shipment & we offer 3 months warranty for our Netwave VDR spares.
Delivery time of our Netwave VDR spares is 24 hours within the whole Europe.

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Wavenet Interface Module (WIM) NW-4400 for Netwave VDR

Powered from PSU. For interfacing and connection for:

* 6 Netwave microphones

* upto 8 NMEA inputs (max. 4800 Bd rate)

* upto 2 VHF input

The WIM interface unit is reconditioned and tested by Netwave certified engineer, which can perform service and APT on Netwave VDR NW-4000

The price is less then 50 % of the new item price. Warranty 3 months

For further information please contact us on email  or telephone  +(45) 2670 9431

Delivery time 24 hours within the Europe: all spares for Netwave VDR are tested before the shipment

On Stocks in Denmark, Lithuania or Poland

WE have all spares for VDRs from Netwave , Rutte, Furuno & Danelec


About the Interface Module: WIM NW-4400

You have power. You have storage. You have data... Now all you need is to transport it. You need Netwave’s new WaveNet Interface Modules, a network of easy-to-use interface modules that are conveniently linked by a single cable. Netwave’s revolutionary new cabling design is so efficient that you can save up to 75% on the cost of cabling of your system!

You will also enjoy this WIM’s many adapter slots: A video adapter, an adapter for bridge microphones (six in total), one for VHF audio, and NMEA IEC61662 (there is room for eight NMEA). You will also have access to Netwave’s patented IP66 WaveNet Quickconnect™ toolless interconnection technology. Each WaveNet Interface Module is also auto-sensing and auto-configuring for setup that’s as simple as snapping your fingers.

What’s more, all of this will barely cost you anything when it comes to space: This WIM’s box measures in at just 40x25x10 cm. Install this module anywhere that’s convenient for you, eliminating the need for lengthy wires. Better still, you can take it down in just five minutes, and complete any necessary repairs in ten. There’s never been a friendlier WIM unit for VDR.

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Additional Info

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